So now I am in Norway....


My name is Kasia,  and I am the owner of my craft business called Miss Flower.
I am originally from Poland, but the last 10 years I spent in Northampton or Derby in the United Kingdom, living in big towns. It always felt like it's not the place where I want to be and spend my life in the urban environment.   
Cutting long story short, :-) I came across a  blog online  which made me start thinking-what is my dream in life? Do I live my life how I really want to?   I guess that was the beginning of my journey, which I can call now - Miss Flower in Norway.  
Dreams come true .....Finally, I managed to move to Norway in August 2021.... to Fyresdal. 

I moved to this lovely old house near the forest, near the big mountain.

Now, while writing this post, it's been 5 months since I am here. I experience summer, beautiful and colourful autumn and now winter. 

With the Summer fading into Autumn, there was a good time to explore more surroundings, forests and landscapes, wonderful colours and the unique conditions  that this season brings.



to be continued ...


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